Blush Atelier


We design everything we release in our Luanda Design Studio and Atelier, by hand. We design every piece with much detail as possible knowing as no one the women curves.

The quality and fit of our pieces are absolutely perfect for you. From sketch to store, everything is created in Blush Atelier by our team of our incredible CEO/Creative Designer and the Tailor´s, just for you.


The Boss Lady, Ornela Feliciano, created the brand in 2017, with any fashion Design training just counting with her talent.
Since that she started making runway shoes with her creative Styles, and now Blush Atelier is already an awarded brand.
Now with 32, Ornela Feliciano has her principal focus in expand The brand to the world with the creation of


At Blush Atelier we pay attention to the smallest details in a garment, studying the form and shape of all woman´s body type. We look at what fabrics, designs best compliment her figure whilist making her feel confident and beautiful.

We build DIVAS!