Privacy Policy

A Blush Boutique , is committed to safeguarding your privacy.
The purpose of this document is to clarify any information about our customers, their services and how these data will be used.
Please be advised that if you do not agree with the content of this policy, it is not recommended to download our articles or use our services.

About Data Collection

On our site, information is collected in the following ways:
Information provided by you

  • We collect personally identifiable information – such as Name, Phone, Email, by completing the form to download our free contents.
  • The request for some information can be made through Blush Boutique’s direct contact with customers, E-mail or telephone.

Site navigation information

  • When you visit our site, a cookie is placed on your browser through Google Analytics software to identify how often you access our website.
  • Information such as IP address, geographic location, reference source, browser type, length of visit, and pages visited for statistical questions are collected anonymously.

Contact History

  • A Blush Boutique  stores information about all contacts already made with our customers, such as content downloaded from our pages and interactions via E-mail.

Use of personal data

This term allows Blush to use your personal information for different purposes:
The E-mail is used to send the articles or information requested by the client in completing the form.
Finally, the E-mail will still be used to communicate the launch of new articles and products, as well as promotions. However, you can unsubscribe at any time.
The download data may be disclosed as research and statistics, and no personal information is disclosed openly unless explicitly authorized by the customer.
Access to customer’s personal information

  • Only Blush Boutique employees can view your personal information. No personal information may be disclosed publicly.
  • Blush Boutique undertakes not to sell, or pass on your information to third parties. Except in case of judicial demand.

In addition, although we work with good security and protection practices, no web service has a 100% guarantee against intrusion and we can not be held liable if this occurs.

Sharing content on social networks

By clicking on the content sharing buttons on the social networks available on our pages, the client will be publishing the content through their profile on the selected network. Blush Boutique does not have access to the login and password of the clients in those networks, nor will it publish content on behalf of the client without it doing this action.

About the use of information provided to our customers

A Blush Boutique does not control the requested information using your system. This data belongs to customers, who use, disclose and protect it in accordance with their privacy policies. They are also responsible for collecting, managing and processing confidential information.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be subject to updates. Therefore, we recommend that you periodically visit this page to become aware of the changes.
Before using information for purposes other than those defined in this Privacy Policy, we will ask for your authorization.

Clarification of doubts

Any questions regarding our privacy policy can be clarified by contacting us.